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What to Bring

What to Bring

What to Bring, and What to Leave at Home

Here is a list of what to bring to your stay at Glen Oaks Hospital:

  • Three changes of comfortable clothing (we have laundry facilities, if needed)
  • Basic hygiene products
  • A list of your current medications. Please do not bring actual medications unless you are asked to do so. Only medications prescribed at the time of discharge will be returned to the patient; all others will be destroyed.
  • If you use tobacco products, you should bring enough for the duration of your stay. Please note that only unopened, commercially manufactured tobacco products are allowed. An electronic lighter is provided for you in the designated smoking area so you may not keep matches or lighters.
  • If you have a legal guardian, please bring a copy of the paperwork for your medical record. Bring a list of your current medications.
  • All valuables such as purses, wallets, checkbooks, money, credit/debit cards, all IDs, jewelry and other items of value should be sent home with the family.

Glen Oaks Hospital will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged valuables that patients choose to keep.

Please leave the following items at home:

  • Any metal objects, including disposable razors, car keys, mirrors, glass bottles, pocket knives, wire coat hangers, anything with straps or belts or glass.
  • Portable TVs, radios, CD players or iPods, curling irons, hair dryers, electric razors with cords, alarm clocks.

Prohibited Items

The following items are considered contraband and are not allowed on campus:

  • Metal objects
  • Weapons or protective devices (guns, tasers, brass knuckles, pepper spray, etc.)
  • Belts, cords (inclusive of paracords), straps, ties, shoelaces, scarves, bandanas or sashes
  • Plastic bags
  • Sharp objects including scissors, knives, pocket knives, metal nail files, knitting needles, sewing needles, safety pins, straight pins, fingernail clippers, paper clips or staples
  • Metal combs, hair picks or rattail combs
  • Any liquid which contains alcohol, i.e. mouthwash (hair products shampoo/conditioner, body lotions, deodorant or other personal hygiene items identified to contain some alcohol are permitted)
  • Bar soap (liquid soap in the original container is permitted)
  • Spray cans, aerosol cans or containers with pump
  • Q-tips
  • Dental floss
  • Glass containers or other glass items, compacts with glass mirrors
  • Razors (single)
  • Manicure sets, nail polish, nail polish remover
  • Coat hangers (plastic or wire)
  • Tape recorders, televisions, radios, iPods, cellular phones, cameras, beepers, computers, portable DVD players or any electrical appliance not required for daily personal grooming. An electric razor may be stored in laundry room and used between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.
  • Steel toed boots or high-heeled shoes
  • Cigarette lighters or matches
  • Opened cigarette packs (only unopened commercially manufactured cigarettes allowed)
  • Smokeless tobacco (unopened packs allowed but not in original container). Staff may transfer the tobacco into another container (i.e. specimen cups, denture cups) and the patient may use this at normal smoking times. Patients may only smoke in the day room or smoke patio, not in the patient room or hallways.
  • Overalls/coveralls
  • Any clothing with drawstrings, including hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, sweat pants, pajamas, shirts with small straps (spaghetti straps), shorts or pants
  • Stockings, panty hose or tights (TED hose are approved if ordered by the physician)
  • Blankets, pillows, stuffed animals or bed coverings. Only hospital-provided linens will be used.
  • Food of any kind
  • Ear/facial piercings are deemed a safety risk (stud earrings acceptable for adults only)
  • Inappropriate or revealing clothing
  • Toys
  • Any other items deemed hazardous by staff

We Can Help

Glen Oaks Hospital’s professional staff are here for you 24/7. Call 903-454-6000 for a no-cost, confidential assessment, day or night. If you need immediate medical assistance, contact 911 or seek the nearest emergency room.