VA Insurance

At Glen Oaks Hospital, we are committed to providing accessible and high-quality mental health and addiction treatment services to as many individuals as possible. We accept a variety of insurance plans to help you get the care you need. Whether you are seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, we are here to support you on your journey to recovery.

VA Insurance Accepted

Here is an overview of the insurances we accept, including special information about VA insurance and the Compact Act:

VA Insurance

Glen Oaks Hospital proudly accepts Veterans Affairs (VA) insurance, ensuring that our veterans receive the comprehensive care and support they deserve. We understand that veterans may face unique challenges, and we are here to provide specialized services tailored to meet their needs. Our experienced staff, including dedicated veteran professionals, are equipped to offer veteran mental health services that understand what veterans need to take positive steps forward.

Supporting Veterans in Crisis

We recognize that veterans often experience mental health issues such as suicide and trauma at higher rates. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) estimates that veterans account for an estimated 18% of all deaths by suicide in the United States, with suicide rates among veterans being 1.5 times higher than non-veterans.

Our commitment to veteran care includes offering services for veterans in suicidal crisis. We provide crisis and suicide care to assist veterans who are facing critical situations and are at risk. Our inpatient and outpatient medication management services are available to veterans, ensuring they receive the immediate care they need.

The Compact Act

Glen Oaks Hospital operates under the guidelines of The Compact Act, which helps us provide services to veterans in crisis effectively. We are dedicated to ensuring that veterans can access the mental health care they require promptly. Our trauma-informed care approach focuses on addressing the unique challenges veterans may face, allowing us to provide the necessary support and resources.

If you or a loved one is a veteran in need, please reach out to us at 903-454-6000. Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to assist you in a confidential and no-cost assessment. For immediate medical assistance, do not hesitate to contact 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. We are here to support our veterans and help them find the path to healing and recovery.

Now Accepting Medicare

At Glen Oaks Hospital, we understand that age and disability can present unique challenges that impact mental health. We’re here to provide comprehensive inpatient mental health services specifically tailored to the needs of older adults and disabled individuals. Our compassionate team of licensed psychiatrists, therapists and healthcare professionals is committed to helping you or your loved ones achieve emotional well-being and regain control over mental health.

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